Happy glass 210 уровень

Welcome to the full walkthrough solution of Happy Glass Level 210. The game that’s challenging you to fill a glass by solving and drawing the catchy puzzles becomes increasingly difficult as you pass into further stages. This post will help to get you through all the stages of the game while earning the maximum possible three-stars in each level. Rely on our 3-three star walkthrough and solutions of all the so far of the game. Let the fun begin!

Happy Glass is the ultimate physics-based drawing puzzle game developed by Lion Studios . The aim of the game is to fill the empty cups of each level with free handedly touchscreen drawings. The reward system in Happy Glass depends on how much of the pen tool you’ll use. The total amount of ink left is displayed at the bar on top of the screen. A maximum of three stars means that you used just the right amount of ink and succeeded in filling the glass in that particular level. If you get stuck in the game by any chance, check out the video walkthrough for the 210th level with a three-star assurance:

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Happy Glass Level 210 Solution

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Happy Glass by Lion Studios 3 stars solution, cheats, walkthrough for Level 210.

Happy Glass Level 210 3 Stars Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.
Note: This is "Happy Glass" by "Lion Studios"