Проверить клики за 10 секунд

CLICK TEST / CLICK SPEED TEST ✔ Test how fast you can click in 7 different click modes! Clicks in 1/5/10/20/60/100 and 1000 seconds. Test your CPS now!

Click Speed Test

Clicks in 5 seconds

How many clicks can you do in 5 Seconds? Challenge yourself and your friends to see who has the highest CPS.

It is actually self-explanatory to start just click the box below as fast as you can for 5 seconds and see your CPS (Clicks per second).

Time starts with your first click in the box.

World Record of Most Clicks in 10 Seconds is 12.1 CPS. Take the challenge now!

Using the click speed tool provided above, you can find out how many mouse-clicks you can do in 10 seconds. In other words, the tool will count the number of times you click in 10 seconds.

The period of 10 second generally seems shorter in day to day life but when you will take the Click Test in 10 second mode, these ten seconds will seem much longer.

To check your number of Clicks in 10 seconds, just hit the ‘Click Here’ button and start hitting the mouse button rapidly. The timer will begin as soon as you click for the first time.

After the end of 10 seconds, the click speed tester will show your 10 second clicks and the average CPS for the time interval.

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Improving Your Click Speed in 10 seconds

Want to become the fastest clicker in 10 seconds? Let me give you some secret tips to improve your CPS dramatically.

The very first thing is about learning new techniques that have helped a lot of Minecraft PvPers. One such technique is the Butterfly clicking. I was able to more than double my CPS using the butterfly clicking method.

Another small tip before you start testing your clicks in 10 seconds is that – Start Faster! Yes, when the interval is 10 seconds, make sure you make as many clicks as possible in the first half and then just do not let the speed drop in the second half. That’s the mantra!

Test your clicking speed in 10 seconds. Enjoy the 10 second counter game.

Results: CPS

Clicks in 10 Seconds?

Test your no of Clicks in 10 Seconds and find out your CPS. This Click Speed test, a mini-game or tool, offers you to check your Clicks per Seconds. It offers six different timing modes. Clicks in 10 Seconds is also one of these modes.

Want to show people the magic of your fastest fingers? So, let’s them see.

In, Clicks in 10 Seconds test, people click for ten seconds and as a result they know about their CPS rate. Want to check that how skillful your fingers are? Obviously! You can.

I will tell you in detail.

You have to click on the below-shown box for 10 seconds but as fast as you can. The timing begins with your first click. After completion of 10 seconds, the test will show the average no of Clicks per Second.

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Now, it’s time to check your CPS!

You can also share your results at social sites with your friends to challenge them to participate in this Clicking Speed test. Invite players from all around the world to have a clicking battle with you.

So try to use your fingers skillfully. Don’t forget to share your results.